Health Supplements

For all those people that know me, they know that my kitchen cupboards are full with different kinds of supplements to help with my workouts, health and before (a long time before now!) weight loss. I only have legal supplements and I disagree with illegal drugs to enhance your body or sporting abilities.

I’ve got vitamins, Human Growth Hormones, body building supplements and I swear by them. I don’t however, think they are all good. There are some that are terrible and just don’t work, but there are some that really work and do the job. Keep reading my blog. I’m going to blog about all the different ones I’ve got and whether or not I think they are any good.

If anybody is serious about their health, then they know that some natural vitamins can really help to keep their body in great condition. They are not as good as getting all the vitamins you need from food, but sometimes it’s impossible to get a varied amount of vitamins, especially if you don’t eat a wide variety of food. For me I can’t stand fish, so I get my Omega acids from a supplement and so far so good.

I’ll keep you posted in some future blogs that I’m going to write.


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